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                                SIMULEYES  Vision Tests 

What type of doctor uses SIMULEYES to examine patients? 

SimulEyes is a revolutionary new eye test system that uses a standard computer and monitor in the exam room to accurately test and monitor your patient's vision.

Technology has brought the eye care field many new instruments.  None have been more useful or dramatic than the computer monitor. 
The computer monitor has the capability of an unlimited number of images.  We are working hard to provide new and innovative vision test images to progressive doctors with advanced or referral practices.

In the SimulEyes department of RUSH instruments, we feel that we have only begun to explore the many images that may prove useful in testing eyesight.  Visual function, as it relates to a patients work, school, occupation, recreation and relaxation is just the beginning.   We are continually addressing  the human interface application issues that bring our eye and vision products to life.

The three main vision test areas addressed with SimulEyes 6.0 are:
     a.  Distance vision testing
     b.  Near vision testing
     c.  EyeCyclopedia (patient education)

SimulEyes is a software product that is developed totally in the USA.
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